One Stop Solution For Algorithmic Trading

Quantomation is the best software platform to execute algorithmic trades in indian markets.Automate and execute your own strategies using our platform or follow our algorithms.

squareoff time
Max profit
max loss per day

Risk Management System

Time Management

✔ Trade start-time,stop-time and  AutoSquareoff time.

Money Management

✔  Autosquareoff at Max Profit,Max Loss  per scrip.

Risk Management 

✔  Max Open positons,Max trades/day, Max orders/day.


Need For Speed

Quantomation software deftly processes market data from industry's leading vendors and sources. Handles billions of data points on a robust trading infrastructure.


No VPS Needed

Don't need to spend money on VPS as the entire platform is built on cloud.

fast execution of trades

Ultra fast Execution

Trades will get executed in milliseconds.Our systems are calibrated to ensure a friction less experience in every interaction with you.

Explore Our Algobridge platform features

Options Trading

Convert your trades in spot market to option contracts automatically with our options watchlist.

Trade across platforms

Trade across multiple platforms like Amibroker,Tradingview,Chartink.

Free Paper Trading

Get started with unlimited paper trading for a lifetime access.

Risk Management

Get a plethora of risk management tools that are built into the platform.


A Satisfied customer is theBest business strats


Why trade with Quantomation Algorithms?

Without Quantomation, imagine building, training, back-testing, optimising and deploying algorithmic trading strategies, which is a nearly impossible task. With Quantomation, we execute a suite of algorithmic trading strategies on your behalf, 24/7.

Benefits of Quantomation platform

Test your trading strategies for free with unlimited paper trading for lifetime access.

Remove emotions while trading with systematic trading execution.

Minimise human errors like wrong execution of order price or sending order in wrong scrips.

Trade in multiple segments like Equity,Futures and Options and diversify your trading.

test your trading strategies

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